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Dealing With a Jellyfish Sting

Dr. Christopher Lowe, assistant professor of biological sciences at California State University, comments on dealing with jellyfish stings: "Often when people get stung, they have a tendency to rub their skin, and quite often when they do that, they just smear the tentacle over more of their skin surface. If you see the jellyfish, the best thing to do is to try to gently grab the tentacle - ideally with something other than fingers - lift it off and flick it away. People recommend trying to use a credit card or piece of cardboard to scrape it off without smearing it over the skin," Lowe said. Because the toxin is topical, vinegar is a good treatment, Lowe recommends. "You can use ammonia as well as Adolph's Meat Tenderizer. These will neutralize the toxin and take away the burn," he says. (Excerpt fromt the Environmental News Service, July 23, 2002)

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