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Factoids for the month of March, 2004

Factoid/2004/03/01The Special 1,110 Acres of the Pupukea-Paumalu Area on the North Shore of Oahu
Factoid/2004/03/03New, Large Marine Protected Area in the Pacific Created by 4 Countries, Enviro Groups, and the UN
Factoid/2004/03/04Why Don't We Restore the Marshall Islands, too?
Factoid/2004/03/05Unexpected Diversity of Life in the Ocean
Factoid/2004/03/08Logging Plans Bad for Oregon Coastal Water Quality
Factoid/2004/03/09A Terrible Plan: Triple Border Fence for Coastal San Diego County
Factoid/2004/03/10Trouble in Paradise in the US Virgin Islands
Factoid/2004/03/11Caribbean and Florida Coral Reefs Are Suffering Staggering Declines
Factoid/2004/03/12Halt Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling
Factoid/2004/03/15More Coastal Natural Resources Are in Poor Condition Than Good Condition
Factoid/2004/03/17Overwhelming Scientific Evidence of Global Warming Taking Place
Factoid/2004/03/18Latest Scientific Reports - Global Warming Is Worsening
Factoid/2004/03/19Why Coral Reefs Are Declining
Factoid/2004/03/22U.S. Military's Trashing the Unique Makua Valley on Oahu
Factoid/2004/03/23Reducing Beach Litter by Banning Smoking
Factoid/2004/03/25Santa Monica, California To Ban Smoking at Beaches, Too
Factoid/2004/03/26The Surfrider Foundation Joined the Lawsuit Defending the Texas Open Beaches Act
Factoid/2004/03/29Rogue Waves
Factoid/2004/03/30Oxygen Depleted 'Dead Zones' in the Ocean a Huge, Growing Problem
Factoid/2004/03/31USA and Others Granted Exemptions to Destroy More Atmospheric Upper Level Ozone