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Factoids for the month of December, 2009

Factoid/2009/12/01NOAA's Multipurpose Marine Cadastre
Factoid/2009/12/02$5.6 Million Approved for Polluted Runoff Reduction Projects in Washington State
Factoid/2009/12/03El Niño Conditions Predicted to Continue into 2010
Factoid/2009/12/07Watershed -- What Is It?
Factoid/2009/12/08Current Evidence Points to Continued Increase in Global Warming
Factoid/2009/12/09Fish in the Sea Are Not Just Crops to Harvest
Factoid/2009/12/10Not a Single Chinese Restaurant Would Stop Serving Shark Fin Soup
Factoid/2009/12/11The Ticking Time Bomb: Ocean Acidification
Factoid/2009/12/14Pacific Northwest Toxic Algae Affects People's Health
Factoid/2009/12/15Scientists Call for Elimination of Bush-Era Endangered Species Act Restrictions
Factoid/2009/12/16Water Quality Problems Persist in Banks Channel in Wrightsville Beach, NC
Factoid/2009/12/17Reward Offered to Help Apprehend Monk Seal Killer