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Factoids for the month of November, 2019

Factoid/2019/11/01New study on potential growth of offshore wind energy
Factoid/2019/11/04New tool for mapping aquaculture potential
Factoid/2019/11/05Analyzing a 200 million year old ice core
Factoid/2019/11/06Coastal upwelling and biological productivity
Factoid/2019/11/07Ship emissions can actually form clouds
Factoid/2019/11/08Coastal living benefits mental health
Factoid/2019/11/12Laundry water use, not abrasion, most influences the shed of plastic microfibers
Factoid/2019/11/14Surfrider 2019 State of the Beach Report released
Factoid/2019/11/15Warming waters, ocean acidification and giant kelp
Factoid/2019/11/18Changes in tuna muscle tissue indicate major shift in ocean food web