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Reducing Polystyrene Pollution

"Foamed polystyrene (or styrofoam) is one of the most common components of marine litter found floating at sea or washed up along coastlines. Not just a popular choice for many kinds of packaging and insulation on land, polystyrene also has a variety of maritime use in ports, marinas, aquaculture, fisheries, and leisure activities. But foamed polystyrene never fully biodegrades, and can be a serious threat to ocean life as it crumbles into thousands of puffed fragments in the marine environment." With growing concern about the pollution that polystyrene produces, many countries have begun banning its use, but these efforts have not always been effective or widespread. FFI has released a list of recommendations in the hope that broader education and outreach will influcence decreased reliance on polysyrene. Read more at Fauna & Flora International.

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